موضوع تعبير عن العلم

موضوع تعبير عن العلم

An expression of science will be discussed in this article, as science has contributed to the discovery of new materials and technologies throughout history, and the technologies produced and still being produced by different sciences vary, which in turn led to the development of various inventions that were used in the production of commodities that facilitate human life and the upbringing of their remains, and accordingly, Science is the basis of technology that has entered into the details of human life, such as electronic warnings, weather forecasts, means of transportation, and others.

Science essay topic

Science is a great sea in which there are countless fields, and none of its forms were mistaken, and it is a very wide field that no one realizes its end. To work diligently, to stay awake, and to work diligently in order to achieve it without fatigue or boredom. The Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – was right when he said: (If one of you looks at someone who has been preferred over him in money and morals, then let him look at someone who is lower than him from those over whom he has been preferred. ).[1]

This is what protects a person from falling into myths and lies that harm him, and an intellectual is an intelligent person who does not fall into the trap of these matters. Science is the basis for the development of life and facilitating life in it. Those like us are among the people, and science is what helped us discover the planets, stars and galaxies that surround us that we did not know. In it, which explained to us many of the cosmic manifestations that were mysterious and dangerous to those who preceded us, which helped us get rid of pests and diseases that claimed the lives of others over time. The pursuit of knowledge is a goal that every individual must strive to achieve in various ways. The key to all doors of knowledge.

It is the way we reach what we want like the Internet and others in acquiring science and knowledge. It is one of these methods that we must adopt to achieve culture and knowledge for us as individuals, and for the benefit of our societies also through the light of knowledge that is reflected on individuals, societies develop and prosper among the rest of the nations. For science to build homes or develop civilizations, without applying what we have already learned. Science is not a book that is read with a cup of coffee for pleasure and then forgotten! Rather, it is silence followed by listening, then understanding, memorizing, and then applying, provided that a person publishes what he has learned to benefit others, as the writer Al-Manfalouti said: “The first knowledge is silence, the second is good listening, the third is memorizing it, the fourth is acting upon it, and the fifth is spreading it.”

Introduction constructive expression of science

Knowledge is one of the greatest causes of happiness, and one of the most powerful factors of progress among nations and human peoples and advancement among human beings. Knowledge is the sincerity of the intention in seeking and acquiring it, as it is purely for God, Glory be to Him.

And that knowledge indicates the greatness of the Creator, especially with His good worship in the correct material and moral way, and in a way that enables its owner to realize the meaning of servitude to God Almighty, and good planning is necessary in seeking knowledge and knowledge, which builds man. The seeker of true knowledge is distinguished from others by his high determination and willpower, the glorification of knowledge, the knowledge of its value, the knowledge of the value of time, and the honor of time. He finds and is constantly active. Well, he’ll start to feel the grace of time and the value of time.

Essay on the importance of science

Knowledge is the basis of religion and the world, and it is a legal duty for every Muslim, male and female, and here comes a statement of more words expressing knowledge:

The importance of science

Science is one of the most important things that advance countries and raise their status, as the medal of science is the way to achieve every desired aspiration and all that one wishes for. Therefore, science was a light, a light that illuminates the future and life, and erases the darkness caused by ignorance, so every ignorance is rejected for this purpose, and knowledge is The means by which humanity teaches itself, so that one of us at the beginning of his life becomes a seeker of knowledge, so seeking knowledge is tantamount to a responsibility where starting with the most important is the most important, then studying at the hands of the most important scholars, writers, and other commandments that advance the individual in the path of knowledge.

Noor science

Science is the factory of minds that helps in building human personality and supports society. It is always said about the importance of searching for knowledge in building civilization and the impact of science on society: “He who has tasted the darkness of ignorance realizes that knowledge is light.” Science has its importance that appears on the individual and society, which is often associated with progress, development, and excellence. There is an importance to science in our lives, and this importance does not detract from the importance of the teacher, which is the means by which this knowledge is transmitted to his student, and science in itself is the light that achieves happiness, contrary to what some say, a heavy burden on the individual. Rather, it is the path to future success, and therefore he seeks The role of science in building civilization In order to know the truth and reach it, the student of knowledge needs patience that accompanies hardship and fatigue among human doctors, as his books and writings were considered medical references for many countries.

His works have also been translated into many languages ​​to be a reference for every physician. Scientists are in the advancement of society, in addition to the benefits of useful knowledge that derives from them. The most important pioneers of medical sciences such as human physiology, science does not stop here.

But there are many, many scientists in history, their importance appears until the present time. Historical scholars have been the real evidence of the importance of science and its virtue to the individual and society. Science is one of the most important reasons for the continuity of life. Without it, epidemics would have spread, humanity would have died out, and nations would have been destroyed by continuing their ignorance and darkness. It is important to realize that the importance is not limited to seeking and obtaining knowledge, but rather there is a greater importance, which is working with this science, and making it tangible and realistic that enhances life and humanity.

Science makes life easier

Science is like oxygen with air, where the two agree on the importance of the continuity and progress of life. Therefore, the development of science over the years was the reason for the independence and sufficiency of the country, and science has always been beneficial to its owner, as it benefits him in his culture and enriches his information, and the cultured and scientific society is the society that obtained the means of happiness and comfort, Science is one of the most important means that make life more comfortable. Science praised in this subject is not limited to specific types, but rather includes all the sciences that humanity needs.

Scientists have agreed that all sciences benefit nations, and the pursuit of them will rise over the years, for example what we find in other scientific fields, and in the development of technology, which are inventions and discoveries that helped keep pace with life in various circumstances, for example, technology in education , and technology in health, in addition to communications, agriculture, industry, and science was not limited to everything that is scientific only.

But there are entertainment areas that science has participated in developing, such as electronic games, and entertainment sites on the Internet, so that it has become possible to read and enjoy books via mobile phones, and many other areas. The importance of science is not limited to development only, but there are much more important things that technology has helped To provide them, and to achieve a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle, as human technology has benefited over the years in many things such as providing services, increasing the production of goods, reducing the size of labor, and making special machines that perform dangerous, exhausting and arduous work, which makes work easier and easier, in addition to Raise living standards, and this technology aims at its inception to help society and improve individual performance, and then to advance life through science and work.

Science is a step into the future

Science is the weapon of the individual, and it is the basis for building civilization and achieving its happiness, so the importance of science was great for the future, as science was one of the most important things that control ignorance, erase backwardness, and reduce poverty. Science is one of the most important elements of life. The country, culture spreads, and the knowledge of individuals increases, that knowledge that will guarantee them life in the future. Establishing its future and succeeding in it, science needs to develop a plan that achieves success, so the seeker of knowledge is in fact a seeker to achieve the goals he seeks to reach, which achieve his place in the labor market and in Life skills depend only on work, but appear in dealing with the individual and his morals, so that he becomes a role model.

Thus, it excels by possessing high values ​​and proper behavior. Science and its importance are not limited to the present, but since the early ages it has had an important position. The basic basis for the development of societies at all levels is science, so science opened to man different fields, those fields that achieve the scientific and cultural path of every society. It helps in social and economic development, as it benefits science in its various fields, and among these fields are the social sciences, which are the sciences that study societies, human behavior, psychology, mathematics and literature, in addition to engineering and computer sciences.

These sciences open many practical fields such as accounting, finance, editing, auditing, analysis, consulting and many other fields that help in the success of the individual and the development of his society. These goals can only be achieved as a result of receiving knowledge from the hands of scholars. Like light and medicine, and ignorance like darkness and disease. All societies and countries need to promote science, and educate individuals about the importance of science, whereby the individual’s thoughts become positive, and society is liberated from violence, aggression, and all negative points.

As it spreads awareness among people, job opportunities increase, unemployment decreases, so that society’s production becomes more flexible and beneficial, and away from the dangers that lead to differences in view of science, it provides good things for all areas of life, and knowledge is not acquired from the will of the individual only, but rather it is a result His patience, diligence, and following the ingredients and means that help in acquiring this knowledge.

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Creation topic about the importance of science

Science is a treasure of life, as it builds the future and builds the human self, so more information about science will be known:

science concept

The key to civilization and the balance of differentiation between people and peoples between each other is science and scientists, and the secret of man’s existence on earth is knowledge. There is no value for the ignorant who equates his ignorance to animals and inanimate objects. God has honored man with reason and devoted him to thinking of investing these blessings in research, knowledge, development, construction, and man without abstract knowledge. From his being a human being, because he distinguishes him between creatures and distinguishes him from others since man opens his eyes to the world.

The love of discovery drives him to question and inquire about everything that surrounds him and everything he sees and what he does not see as well. Science is one of man’s innate needs that grow and grow with him and evolve to transform from the world of curiosity to the world of ambition and purpose. Man does not exist as long as he is ignorant, and people do not progress without knowledge. Science is the basis for the renaissance and development of nations, and this is what we see from the dawn of history until today, as there was no civilization that gained its value except with its scholars and its contributions to humanity for a better life and a better life, and the principle is that it builds and does not destroy, and helps in doing good and spreading virtue, but when it is lost These noble goals lose their essence and depart from their origin.

fields of science

Science is a word whose door is broad, and it is not limited to material things and is not limited to spiritual things, because its meaning is great and is not limited to anything, and that science is developing, growing and renewing as long as man is alive and capable of renewal, discovery and development. He created the spiritual and verbal sciences of philosophy, logic, and religion. He was not satisfied with the physical sciences with what fell into his hands, so he invented the telegraph, the typewriter, and the lamp, leading to today’s technological development and information revolution that changed the form of life upside down.

The fruits of knowledge

A person without knowledge is a person without value. People revere the scholar and despise the ignorant, because human self-respect can only be achieved with knowledge that imposes respect on others as well, and knowledge is a social, human and religious duty.

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In this article, we explained the subject of an expression of knowledge, and it became clear that knowledge is one of the most important things by which a person ascends in this world and the hereafter if he makes his intention for God Almighty. On the authority of Zir bin Hubaish, he said: I came to Safwan bin Assal Al-Muradi, and he said: What brought you? I said seeking knowledge. He said: I have been informed that the angels lower their wings for the seeker of knowledge, being pleased with what he does.[2]

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